Cricket is an integral part of the asian way of life and we welcome people from all cultures and backgrounds. Cricket is truly a sport for everyone. Some of the benefits of participating in cricket include Great for general health and well being the social environment encourages people to socialise and make frienships the oppurtunity to participate in competitions and community activities and because its fun!!!!

So to take our passion a step further we decided to make a web site for maintaining statistics of our team and developed a web site to maintain and display statistics. And then we didnt stop at that point and went further to provide a platform for any clubs to maintain statisctics of any tournaments as all this was being handled manually by that time.

This idea paved way for come in to existence and let Club owners to host their tournament statistics online. Any club, any team or any players can check their statistics online at anytime and do analyses and improve their performance. Now has evolved in to a professional web site for everyone to show case their statistics and performance.

  • Shakeel Sarfaraz
    Shakeel Sarfaraz
  • Syed Amer
    Syed Amer
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