What is myCricLife.com ?
a. myCricLife.com is the leading platform that will assist cricketing clubs to host and manage tournaments.
b. myCricLife.com is all in one solution to host your cricket tournament and sign up takes only a few minutes.
c. Every aspect of the tournament can be easily managed and will assist the club owners in all statistical analysis of the tournament like the best batsman, highest strike rate, best bowler, best strike rate to name a few of the powerful features.
d. With over 4 years since its inception, myCricLife.com hosts over 2500 players, 30+ tournaments and over 1200 match records and statistics.

Do I have to pay to get started?
It is a free platform, so anybody can get started today and it will take less than 5 minutes to register your club.

Where does myCricLife.com make money from?
myCricLife.com has been built by passionate cricket lovers and are happy to see many fellow cricketers benefit from their efforts. However, we are planning to introduce some paid services to assist clubs.

I own a team, can I sign up?
Yes you can, but myCricLife.com has been primarily built with club requirements in focus.

As a club owner, how many tournaments can I host of myCricLife.com?
There is no limit to how many tournaments can he hosted under a club. We will try our best to keep this site free.

Does myCricLife.com offer any kind of additional services?
a. Yes, myCricLife.com can connect you to individuals who can help you in doing all the data entry jobs for your tournaments.
b. They can get you started in capturing all the required details and host your tournament.
c. Nominal charges and vary from person to person.

Can I partner with myCricLife.com?
We welcome all those individuals who can help us in expanding our reach. We can work out any deal if you see a potential.